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On Capitalism:

"There were rising standards of living
under slavery. Slaves were better off in the 19th century than in
the 18th century. Is that an argument for
slavery? The same argument can be made for Stalinism. There
was a tremendous rise
in economic growth. Does this justify Stalinism?"

Noam Chomsky



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June 4th| Nick

Below are a series of essays and articles detailing the reasons why the War in Iraq is not just, and should be ended.

Articles written by other authors:

Contents of Powell's claims during the Feb. 5th speech at UN

Contents of Bush's entrance into war speech

Effects of US Sanctions on Iraqi people

Macro Economics of US Dollar Hegemony

Second essay on US Dollar hegemony

Truth about Iraqi disarmament

Professor Noam Chomsky on Iraq war

The Nation on what to do now

Jay Garner should not be the dictator of Iraq

Articles written by Nick

Why none of Bush's reasons add up

Why War isn't the solution

Neoconservatism in a nutshell




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