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"There were rising standards of living
under slavery. Slaves were better off in the 19th century than in
the 18th century. Is that an argument for
slavery? The same argument can be made for Stalinism. There
was a tremendous rise
in economic growth. Does this justify Stalinism?"

Noam Chomsky



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June 4th| Nick

The war in Iraq could have been avoidable, but was presented inevitable by the Bush administration. Violence was not the only solution to our problems, and is never the best option under any circumstances. Public perceptions of the Iraqi situation are that a violent regime change was the only option to help the Iraqi people. This perception was fostered by the warhawk Bush administration who need an American led regime in Baghdad to fulfill goals of unscrupulous objectives.

America's armed forces are one of the most restrained and scrutinized in the world, yet civilian casualties and humanitarian crises are inevitable in armed conflict. America will also use everything in it's arsenal to accomplish the objective, and that means employing use of depleted uranium shells, cluster munitions, and Daisy Cutters. THe effects of Depleted Uranium alone left 100,000 Gulf War I veterans recieving massive declines in health, and 100,000 more asking for benefits that could not be afforded. The civilian toll in Iraq was far greater, estimated at 500,000 from DU alone, becausse of the lack of the most primitive medical facilities and because the uranium has permently polluted the enviroment, and will continue to pollute it for another 4.5 billion years unless the US spends billions to clean up. Now everywarhead contains uranium and every tank shell fired contains 4.5 kilograms of depleted uranium. The large amount of civilians killed immediately will be dwarfed by the number of those killed by the Depleted Uranium exposure.

Clearly this kind of hell should be avoided at all costs, but instead of avoiding it, the Bush administration barreled head first toward it. Instead of heeding the United Nation's advice to not wage a war of aggression that would have serious consequences for the Iraqi people, Bush attempted to bribe and extort countries into joining his coalition and when that did not work he proclaimed the UN "irrelevant" because it did not follow his agenda. No humanitarian plans were ever postulated by this administration, and the media did not cover any. Any country in step with the plan to launch an attack was critisized as being "anti-american", or was not agreeing with the administration for mere political consequences. The Bush administration attempted a "doublethink", claiming the reasons for non-agression are stem from oil interests, when the truth reveals that reasons for war are about oil. Just because French and Russian companies legally own small portions of Iraqi oil fields authorizes America to illegally take them all? One can be sure with a former US general as a de facto dictator of Iraq that American firms will own the oil fields. If the administration actually cared about the Iraqi people, they would authorize the nationalization of the oil wells by the new Iraqi government, allowing the profits to flow directly to the new government. The initial capital would be footed by the war reperations package to be paid by the United States still in lieu from Gulf War I.

If America was committed to the well being of Iraqi citizens it wouldn't have initiated the war that will kill hundreds of thousands, and that will cause a further decrease in the living standards. Instead a non-aggressive route could have been achieved through ending the despicable economic sanctions imposed on Iraq. The economic sanctions prevented the rebuilding of Iraq's water facilities leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. 1.5 million people have died at the hands of direct US action combined with the sanctions since the first Gulf War. Water treatment plants should have been rebuilt, and the IRaqi people spared from further suffering. Food aid should have been distributed through the UN and Iraq's social infrastructure should have been rebuilt. Instead the US deemed it necessary for its own purposes to increase the suffering by removing Sadaam through unilateral violence. If Sadaam failed to comply with the UN aid program then action could be authorized, but that would most likely not happen since he has already complied to the UN inspectors when force was threatened and has accepted all the Humanitarian aid so far given to him. Sadaam is a war criminal, yet if the goal of the administration is to allievate the suffering of the Iraqi people then war is not justified since it is not the best solution to help the Iraqi people.



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