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"There were rising standards of living
under slavery. Slaves were better off in the 19th century than in
the 18th century. Is that an argument for
slavery? The same argument can be made for Stalinism. There
was a tremendous rise
in economic growth. Does this justify Stalinism?"

Noam Chomsky



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June 4th| Nick

The Case Against Patriotism
By Nick Kreitman

Since the attack on 9/11 our leaders have commenced a constant campaign of arousing the concept of patriotism to the American nation. There has also been a correlating campaign of denouncing those who are "anti-American". The question immediately surface to any analytical individual would be is pledging allegiance to the concept of the American state, or any state for that matter, worthwhile.

The statement that throughout the history of man the purpose of the nation-state has been to benefit those of the ruling class is a truism. Regardless of whether the government says it is "for by and of the people", or whether it declares it is the "Democratic People's Republic". Regardless of whatever rhetorical facade the government attempts to justify itself with, the cold truth is that governments are tools of the ruling class. So if patriotism is not associating oneself with the government, what is it? Some claim it to be associating themselves with the history of the people united. Alright, let's investigate whether American history is something to be proud of, and we can investigate whether it has been dominated by the ruling classes of the respective time periods.

Contrary to patriotic opinion, America is no different. James Madison, the founder of the American Federalist system stated that the purpose of the revolutionary government was to "protect the minority of the opulent". Has the Madisonian idealistic been realized by our government that is supposedly "for by and of the people"? Again this is another truism. The American Revolution transferred power from the landed aristocracy ruling class in the British parliament to the landed aristocracy ruling class in America, who were soon usurped by the industrial-capitalist.

Immediately the government "for by and of the people", continued one of the most brutal campaigns of ethnic cleansing of the native people on the North American Continent. The concept of white superiority over the "Red Man" succeeded where Nazi Germany failed and managed to annihilate an entire culture and assimilate the survivors into the mainstream society.

Liberty was an alien concept to millions of slaves that were deemed property by the government "for by and of the people". Madison's "minority of the opulent" was the vast majority of slave masters, the vast majority of Americans did not have any stake in enslaving human beings but the government upheld the statues regardless. It was not through the efforts of the abstract organ of enslavement, the American government, that the Africans won their freedom but through the compassion of abolitionists.

Defenders of partiotism connect the beliefs of liberty and justice to the American government. The thesis that the values of American government are liberty and justice can be tested to see if it holds water. Obviously it did not mean liberty an justice for the American Indians. It has never meant liberty and justice for the laboring classes of America. They continue to be exploited to this day. It did not mean justice to the victims of the Mexican war, or the Spanish-American war where the lust for wealth and power weren't even attempted to be concealed. In these times, all that was needed was the concept of manifest destiny and you could slaughter as many as you wanted. This is even before the "modern corruption of morals" so oft repeated in the media. THen the genocide of the Fillipino's was initated, because our country needed a "Sphere of influence in Asia". Did the farmer need a sphere of influence in Asia? No but the Capitalist who sent the farmer's children under the pretext of patriotism certainly needed sphere of influence.




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