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On Capitalism:

"There were rising standards of living
under slavery. Slaves were better off in the 19th century than in
the 18th century. Is that an argument for
slavery? The same argument can be made for Stalinism. There
was a tremendous rise
in economic growth. Does this justify Stalinism?"

Noam Chomsky



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June 4th| Nick

What exactly is Libertarian Socialism? It is basically the philosophy that humanity should be in direct control of its creative/productive efforts in life. For example those who work in the mills out to own them, this concurs with standard socialist thought, but deviates on the belief that a government is necessary. In traditional Socialism, there is a large governmental organization directing the needs of the workers and distributing goods. Libertarian Socialism rejects the belief that a large governmental organization is needed to direct the citizens and instead proposes a different model of cooperation, Federalism. Society would be reorganized without private property and would be centered upon cooperation between producers and consumers consuls of localities. Prices for goods would be negotiated between the producers council and consumer councils, both democratic in nature as opposed to the totalitarian corporate structures and the undemocratic market forces.

Traditional "Democracies" such as the United States offer freedom that is paper thin, the oppressive power has been turned over to the corporations. Corporations are essentially totalitarian institutions, the public and the worker has no representation in its workings, you may not suggest how to run the corporation, but you may sell your self to it(Selling your labor in a job). The average Amercing sells themselves out for 8-12 hours a day to these totalitarian institutions, is this freedom? No it is not freedom, freedom necessarily dictates that a person is free to pursue their own interests. Capitalism allows us the "freedom" to choose between selling ourselves and starvation. There are no "masters" except need, the worst master of them all.

The major goals of this new society would be decentralization of large-scale industries, reskilling of workers, and a return to more artisan-like modes of production; the use of environment-friendly technologies, energy sources, and products; the use of recycled raw materials and renewable resources; and worker-controlled enterprises responsive to the wishes of local community assemblies and labour councils in which decisions are made by direct democracy. Currently we have the resources and technology to eliminate most of the menial work required to upkeep our standard of living, allowing labor to specialize itself and to have a very high degree of job satisfaction. Capitalism degrades workers and tries to make them mere cogs in a machine because that is the most profitable to the few that own industry.

Critics of Libertarian Socialism state that if the mass of unintelligent button pushers in the factories began a democratic rule of the factory production would grind to a halt. This hypothetical scenario makes more than one incorrect assumption about Libertarian Socialism. The first incorrect assumption is about the unintelligent workers. All humans posses a natural intelligence that makes us human. They are only ignorant of the whole industrial process that they are apart of because the industrialist deemed it cheaper that he is ignorant. Ignorance can easily be washed away, education programs would easily be implemented educating the worker. The second incorrect assumption is that the laboring class will still consist of button pushers. Complementing the education program would be a re-skilling program to return specialization and job satisfaction to the workplace. As carpenter or an auto mechanic takes great pride and satisfaction in his specialized occupation, so will the general population under Libertarian Socialism. The general population will be considered the "working class" under Libertarian Socialism because everyone will have to participate in a productive activity to continue to consume except children, the sick, or the elderly. Production could easily be maintained at the level required for an excellent standard of living, if the resources were redirected towards the betterment of people instead of the betterment of bank accounts. Currently the US wastes over 50% of its budget on military expenses. If we can reduce 90% of that budget which would still be an adequate amount to defend the homeland, we would have excess resources with which to overhaul the current system to one of equitable Libertarian Socialism. The existence of a true democracy would make obsolete the concept of leaders and led.

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